Enjoying Kindermusik with Little Inspirations

Helpful Links

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Improve Language SkillsNew research at Northwestern University shows that children who study music for several years also improve their language skills.

Videos - Why Kindermusik?

Kindermusik parents explain the educational, musical and bonding benefits of enrolling their children in class, including the social-emotional, cognitive and intellectual benefits.

    To bring the music home:
    For the social skills:
    For the one-on-one time:
    For the musical experiences:
    To motivate creativity:
    For the love of music:
    Because my child loves it:
    For the music!
    To expand the love of music:
    For the emotional and intellectual benefits:
    To bring my family together:
    For the bonding:
    To see my child blossom:
    The whole family loves it:
    For the memories:
    For the time together:
    For the creative benefits:
    For the musical foundation:
    For the educational benefits:
    One momís story:
    One Kindermusik family:
    For siblings to play together!