Enjoying Kindermusik with Little Inspirations

Kindermusik is a perfect fit for any family!

Julie HannaJulie Hanna founded Little Inspirations in November 2008 and began offering Kindermusik classes in February 2009. Julie brings a combination of patience, warmth and enthusiasm to the classroom. Her love, passion and experience in music and movement are the key components to being a Kindermusik Educator.

Julie has substantial education and experience in music, dance, acting, and singing. Starting at 3 years old when enrolled in dance class, she has pursued the arts in dance for over 18 years, singing for over 15 years and attending private lessons in piano, clarinet and saxophone for over 10 years.

Through her many accomplishments, while still attending high school, Julie developed many qualities which would benefit her in this new adventure.

  • High school band, achieving top honors in grade 12;
  • Performed with the UBC Honor Band;
  • Accepted to play in the orchestra pit for Musicals held in Kamloops by the local theatre company;
  • Assisted in tutoring band for lower grades; and
  • Taught her peers the dance portion of the P.E. curriculum

Julie enjoyed the challenge and satisfaction she received from teaching.

While completing high school and following her passion for dance she decided to take it further by operating her own dance studio in Merritt for two years. Her focus was teaching elementary school age children (She was 16 years old at the time). In the same year she produced the Annual Community Christmas Concert; an event normally produced by the Arts Council. Julieís skills allowed her the opportunity to choreograph the Miss Merritt Pageant opening numbers for two consecutive years, as well as teach and choreograph individual talent acts for the competition. Through her own efforts she was also crowned Miss Merritt Princess in 1989. After high school Julie moved to the Lower Mainland to take acting and modeling courses at John Casablanca School.

After many years away from what she loved to do, she auditioned for a Lower Mainland show choir in 2001 and was accepted. Julie has been with the choir for seven years now and in 2003 accepted a request to take the role of choreographer for the Maple Leaf Singers, a position held with honor. The Maple Leaf Singers is an all volunteer, non profit choir performing approximately 20 shows a year, mostly at seniorís homes and charity functions.

Julie is very excited about Kindermusik and enjoys teaching the momsí and babies, of all ages, the curriculum that will enhance, educate, and bring joy to the whole family.

Kindermusik - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Since my child and I have never attended a Kindermusik class, it is possible to observe one before we decide whether or not to enroll?
Q: I just found out about your Kindermusik classes and the class I would like to register for has already started. Is it too late to join?
Q: Iíve heard that Kindermusikís specialty is age-specific classes. What does this mean?
Q: What do I do with the home materials?
Q: "My 2 months old doesn't sing or talk, is she/he really benefiting from the Village class?"
Q: "There're so many enriched classes out there, why Kindermusik?"
Q: "My daughter sings and talks non-stop at home. I don't know why she is so quiet here."
Q: "8-week is a big time commitment and I know we can't make a class. What about make-ups?"
Q: My child and I have a lot of fun in Kindermusik class, but sometimes I wonder...is she really learning anything about music?
Q: I plan to have my children take music lessons when they are older. Why should I bother with a music class when they are so young?
Q: Let's talk finances. Why doesn't Kindermusik cost less?
Q: How long will it take for my child to settle down?
Q: Why do we do so many different activities?
Q: Why do we need to arrive 10 minutes before class starts?
Q: What should I do if he is throwing a screaming fit in the class?
Q: How often are the toys and equipment cleaned?
Q: Will the other children make him sick?
Q: Will my child enjoy music?